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You have not been given a spirit of FEAR, but of LOVE, POWER and of a SOUND MIND (2 TIM 1:7). A SOUND mind is not focused on failures or shortcomings, but instead it is stable and self-disciplined in its approach to a solution. We intend on helping learners and students reach beyond their fears, in order to reach their dreams. Not an easy task. We’re not aiming for easy. We’re reaching for life-changing. And we’re offering it, to you. In short, small groups with specialist attention equals a recipe to helping overcome learning challenges. We’re facing up to these challenges. Will you join us?

Our Facilities

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

With a growing need throughout South Africa for more personalised education, Study Xpress Potchefstroom’s policies are attuned to meet the growing needs of learners, parents and students. With ever-increasing challenges posed for our children today, positive individual attention seems more critical than ever.

That is why we offer learners the opportunity to enroll at Study Xpress Potchefstroom. We have excellent educators who can help guide their learning.

Our Vision

We’re not looking for easy. We’re aiming for  And we’re offering it, to you

Grade R – Grade 3

Grade 4 – Grade 6

Grade 7 – Grade 9

Grade 10 – Grade 12

Our Staff


Martin Botha

Martin Botha

Managing Director

Martin is the founder of StudyXpress Potchefstroom.

He is passionate about developing this school as a platform where Christian education takes place with Biblical values as basis, within a current and relevant context for our learners. His aim is toward continually developing StudyXpress as a unique, discipleship approach towards education within a South African context.

Hannie du Plessis

Hannie du Plessis

Principal of Primary School

Hannie has an eagerness for ensuring the best for the child. She focuses on creating and encouraging an environment for learners to develop their skill and grow in character. She is passionate about teaching in the Foundation Phase, especially developing reading and providing remediation.

Liezl Grix

Liezl Grix

Principal of High School

Liezl joined the Study Xpress team in 2018. Liezl’s energy and empathy make her a fantastic inspiration and support for high school learners. She is a brilliant educator and also drives our PBL (Project / Problem-based Learning) approach toward education. Liezl’s creativity challenges learners to discover both their work and themselves.

School Staff

Admin & Management

Secretary Corli Ackermann
Administrator Elmien Tolken
Principal (Primary) Hannie du Plessis
Principal (High) Liezl Grix
Managing Director Martin Botha

Register Teachers

Gr. R Dieu-Donneè Duvenhage 
Gr. 1 Qunè Kleynhans
Gr. 2 Bellanca Lombaard
Gr. 3 Hannie du Plessis
Gr. 4 Marike Jardim
Gr. 5 Anke Wagner
Gr. 6 Drikie Prinsloo
Gr. 7 Kayla Breytenbach
Gr. 8 Ciska Osbourne
Gr. 9 Maritha Visser
Gr. 10 Antoinette Fouchè
Gr. 11 Cornè Botha
Gr. 12 Liezl Grix

Grounds, cleaning and maintenance staff

Maintenance Dylan Viljoen
Gardens & grounds Boetie Nkaki
Cleaners Celina Skade
Elisa Legobane